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Vacation Time for Them Both Ch. 06

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Steve woke up to the sound of his phone buzzing around on the nightstand. He quickly fumbled for it so that the sound would not wake up Jazmin as well. As his eyes adjusted to the small amount of light that shined through the black out curtains on the window, he noticed it was already late morning. He didn’t think he as going to sleep the full 7 hours it was going to take to wait for the 10 am call from the sexy Samantha, but somehow he managed it. The buzzing had stopped finally, and Steve cursed himself for not waking up faster.

He slithered out of bed making sure not to wake up Jazmin. He grabbed his phone and made his way downstairs. As he reached the bottom step his phone came back to life, vibrating to let him know someone was calling him.

He quickly answered, “Hello, Samantha?” He sounded, rushed and urgent.

“Yeah its me. Did I call too early? It is 10 am.” She said, trying to sound apologetic.

“No, no you are fine. I just woke up and thought I missed you totally.” He was still naked as he made his way to the laundry room to grab a pair of boxers while talking to Samantha.

“I wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Hell, I would wait all day for the chance to touch Jazmin. I have masturbated to the thought of you and her so many times I can’t count.” Steve could hear the blush in her voice at the end of her confession.

“Really? Well, where are you at right now? If you can come around to the back of the building, I will et you in.” He said as he pulled the boxers over his morning wood.

“I’m out front waiting in my car. I’m on my way around. I’ll see you in a sec then.” She hung up the phone and stepped out of her car. She made he way around to the back of the 2-floor building where she saw Steve waiting on her.

Samantha hadn’t seen Steven or Jazmin since the fateful day at the adult store, where Steve invited her to their place for a day of fun. When Samantha saw Steve though, he mouth began to water. He was only wearing boxers, and his boner was making a tent in them. She hadn’t been with a man for over 8 years, because she never found one to please her, but as her eyes took in Steve’s body, from his engorged cock, up his six pack abs and sculpted chest she couldn’t help but wonder how he would be in bed. She was about to go against her anti-men rule today.

Steve greeted Samantha with a warm hug, to welcome her into their apartment. He felt her body tense against him as he wrapped his arms around her, but since they were barely more than acquaintances he understood. That would all change by the end of the day.

He released her and finally noticed her outfit. She had a big bulky jacket on over a very slinky shirt that barely covered her large breasts, and pants that hugged every curve of her even larger bubble shaped ass. He had never really noticed her ass before, since she was always behind the counter at the adult store. She was more beautiful that what he remembered. He began to imagine her crawling across the floor toward him, her ass swaying back and forth as she crawled like a sexy feline on the prowl.

“How are you this morning?” He said. His mouth had gone dry from the sudden flash of the daydream.

“I’m well, is Jazmin still asleep as we planned?” She grinned at the thought of Jazmin asleep upstairs unknowing of the assault she was about to get.

Steve rounded on Samantha and looked her in the eyes. “Don’t get tense.” He said as he put his hands under Samantha’s jacket. He pushed it off her shoulders and continued, “I just want you to relax. I want you to be very relaxed before you go upstairs. Jazmin is very a tuned to emotions and she will wake up before you even touch her if she senses your tension.”

He walked around her so that he was standing behind her. He kept his hands on her shoulders and began to massage them. Jazmin’s mother taught him how to give good professional massages, since she was trained as a massage therapist. He squeezed her shoulders and worked the muscles in his hands until they were soft again, instead of in knots. He heard Samantha sigh and relax under his manipulation.

“I have never had anyone that could massage my shoulders like this. It feels wonderful.” Samantha said just above a sigh.

“I was trained well. Now, when I left Jazmin she was lying on her stomach, but she might have rolled over. She sleeps pretty heavily unless she senses another presence she doesn’t know. So clear your mind before going in the room.” He was never able to surprise Jazmin with sex if he happened to wake up before her, leave the room, and then come back. He always seemed to trigger her internal alarm if he didn’t go back into the room without clearing his mind.

Samantha nodded in understanding and slipped out from under his hands. They were working magic to relax her but she didn’t want to wait any longer to get her mouth and hands on the ample body of his fiancée.

“I’ll be down here making breakfast. I should be done before you finish. And we can all eat together.” Steve turned to grab the pans he needed to make a hearty breakfast for the two lovely ladies and himself. “Just head to the top of stairs, it’s the only room with london escorts the door open.”

Samantha smiled at Steve and made her way up the stairs. When she got to the top she looked in the room and saw that Jazmin indeed rolled over and had her long legs spread wide. It looked like they never managed to get under the sheets the night before, which would make the assault that, much easier.

She cleared her mind like Steve advised before she entered the room. She made her way over to the bed, tiptoeing the whole way. She crawled up between Jazmin’s spread legs, and heard a soft moan escape the lips of her sleeping victim. She leaned down slightly making sure her hair didn’t touch Jazmin’s legs and inhaled the intoxicating scent of her pussy.

Samantha pulled her hair back and leaned down even more and put a soft kiss on the mound of hairless flesh that was Jazmin’s pussy. Samantha then stuck out her tongue and began to insert it into the slit so that she could find her clit. She felt the lips part and wrap around her tongue as she began to lick on the cute clit attached to the sexy body of Jazmin. Samantha could tell Jazmin was already wet, or still dripping from the night before she couldn’t tell.

Jazmin began to stir, as she felt the tongue of someone licking her. She could tell it wasn’t Steve; the cheeks of this person were smoother and much softer than her man’s. The new person didn’t startle her, because she could tell this person was the only one in the room, so Steve must have let them in. What she could tell was that this person was an expert at eating pussy. Jazmin reached down, not wanting to open her eyes in case it was a very vivid dream, and felt long hair of a female. She moved her hips against the tongue and mouth that was expertly licking and sucking on her clit.

Samantha felt Jazmin begin to react to the tongue-lashing. Samantha moved down to Jazmin vaginal opening and sucked up the juices that were flowing freely now into her mouth. She traced her tongue along Jazmin’s crack all the way to her anus. She could taste cum leaking out of her rosebud as she began to force her tongue into the smaller opening. She got a big reaction at the licking and nibbling of the tender flesh of Jazmin’s anus. She felt little resistance to her anal opening and the taste of cum that was left was delectably sweet with a hint of saltiness.

Jazmin pressed down on the intruder’s tongue that was licking the remnants of Steve’s cum from the night before out of her ass. She was breathing heavily when she felt the sensual tongue move from her anal opening to only be replaced by 2 slender fingers. The tongue then went back to lapping at her clit, which sent a jolt through her body. She tensed up and bucked her hips at the unknown person’s mouth.

Samantha kept at the little nub circling it with her tongue, and then sucking it into her mouth. She fucked her fingers in and out of Jazmin’s ass figuring if Steve had left cum there she would like the finger fucking as well. She felt Jazmin’s ass tighten up around her fingers as it was trying to suck them in deeper. Samantha brought her mouth down to suck up the juices from Jazmin’s pussy again then licked back to her clit. When she finished with the small laps around the clit for the 3rd time she felt Jazmin buck her hips again this time more violently as she was starting to orgasm.

Jazmin felt her clit being attacked and couldn’t hold back the waves of pleasure that crashed down on her. Her sphincter muscles spasmed around the fingers inside her and her hips slammed up into the mouth that was attached to her pussy. She screamed out from the intensity of the orgasm. Finally her whole body relaxed, twitching slightly from the aftershocks.

Samantha pulled her fingers out of Jazmin ass and licked them clean, then crawled up her body. She made her way slowly up the quivering beauty’s body leaving behind tender kisses and nibbles along the way. When she reached Jazmin breasts she was in awe at the size and shape; they looked more appealing without clothes covering them. She leaned down and flicked her tongue on the piercings that were on each nipple and nibbled at them both gently.

Jazmin finally opened her eyes when she felt the owner of the fabulous tongue finally come up to where she could see her. She was shocked to see the face of the young girl from the adult toy store from their previous visits there.

“Hi, Jazmin. It was Steve’s idea to have me wake you.” She said, and then returned to suckling on the nipples in front of her.

“Mmmmmm, well you have a very talented tongue. Oh god that feels good. You can bite on those, mmmmmm just like that.” She said as Samantha sucked in her right nipple and bit down harder than she had done before. “Where is my lovely man at anyway? I’m surprised he wasn’t watching.”

Samantha raised her head from Jazmin’s left breast that she was sucking and biting on like she did the right and said, “He’s downstairs making breakfast. I guess he thought we would need our energy for today.”

“I think I want to see what my present looks like without all those clothes on.” Jazmin said as she moved away Escort Girl Dubai from Samantha so that she could sit up in bed.

Samantha crawled off the bed, not wanting to leave the large sexy breasts she was so happily suckling on, but did what was requested of her. When she was standing next to the bed she pulled off her top. He breasts bounced slightly when they were free from the confines of the tank top she was wearing. Then she moved her hands to her hips, and slid the tights she was wearing down her legs. She wasn’t wearing underwear and when she stood up Jazmin’s eyes were looking up and down Samantha’s body taking in the fabulous view.

Jazmin looked from the plump and perky breasts that she noticed were also pierced, all the way down to Samantha’s pussy. Samantha was not completely shaven like Jazmin; she had a landing strip that led down to the full pouty lips of her pussy. Right as Jazmin was about to invite Samantha back on the bed with her, she heard Steve calling from downstairs.

“I hear the moaning has stopped, I’m guessing Jaz is awake and Samanthaantha is on display. You ladies ready for breakfast?”

“How does he know?” Samantha said surprised at Steve’s comment.

“He knows me. If I were naked I would want you to be as well. I’ve never seen you naked before and neither has Steve. I’m sure he is curious about what you look like under even those tight ass clothes.” Jazmin scooted off the bed grabbed Samantha’s hand and pulled her to head downstairs. “Come on. But first…” Jazmin stopped at the top of the stairs and said, “I have to ask. I know you are here for me, I can tell. But can you please let Steve has his way with you? I promise you will be totally satisfied. I will make sure.”

“Actually, I’m bi. I just haven’t found a man that could please me properly. When I saw Steve in his boxers this morning though… Just wow, I’m jealous.” She blushed at Jazmin.

“Well, I don’t mind if he fucks you, he knows what he is doing.” She giggled and pulled Samantha’s hand to continue down the stairs.

When they entered the kitchen, Jazmin made a beeline for Steve. She ran and jumped into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck. Steve caught Jazmin by the hips as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

“Baby!” She squealed happily. She planted a hard passionate kiss right on his lips. When she released her hold on Steve she stood in front of him looking up into his eyes. “You sneaky devil. Thank you so much, I love you.”

“I love you, too. Samantha told me how much she always liked you and I wanted this week to be the best ever.” He said as he squeezed her tight. “So, I see you got her to loosen up a bit, she was really tense before she went upstairs.”

“I’m still a bit nervous.” Samantha interjected. “That massage helped a lot. And Jazmin tasted so wonderful. I think some of your cum was left in her ass though, but I enjoyed that as well.” Samantha smiled sheepishly.

Steve was looking over Jazmin head and agreed with her, “She sure does taste good, I like having her for my dessert.”

Jazmin blushed against Steve’s chest at being talked about. “Well, you interrupted us too soon, I was about to find out how Samantha tastes, since she woke me up in such a lovely fashion.” She walked over to Samantha and pressed her body against hers. She squeezed both of Samantha’s breasts as she leaned in and gave her a very passionate kiss as well.

Steve cleared his throat. “We can get to more fun after breakfast.” With that the women parted and sat down at the table. Steve ate in quiet as the girls got better acquainted, he watched them as their breasts bounced when they laughed, and their sensual mouths took bite after bite into their mouths. His mind wondered back to when they were kissing, his cock hardening under the thin fabric of his boxers.

Jazmin glanced over to Steve daydreaming; she could tell his mind was elsewhere. She chatted with Samantha about her past boyfriends, and found out most were sexual flings. Samantha was along the lines of thinking that if the sex wasn’t good, then the relationship wouldn’t last. Jazmin thought the Samanthae thing and knew she had found a winner with Steve.

Samantha took a bite of the pancakes that Steve had made, when a bit of syrup landed on her right breast. Jazmin took the chance and reached over and licked the syrup off Samantha’s chest. Jazmin sucked lightly on Samantha’s chest, squeezing her left breast with her hand. She pulled on the nipple ring lightly bring her mouth down to her other nipple to suck it into her mouth.

When Samantha let out a moan from Jazmin’s teasing of her breasts, Steve was pulled out of his daydream to it coming true in front of his eyes. He had never seen anything more erotic than two women and now that there was two in front of him one being his fiancée, it was insanely hot to him. He had pulled out the digital video camera, when Samantha went upstairs to wake Jazmin. He quickly grabbed it, and pressed the record button. He zoomed in on Jazmin sucking on Samantha’s left breast now.

Samantha grabbed Jazmin’s hair and pulled her to standing, so that she could kiss her independent escort dubai and show off for Steve better. She kissed Jazmin hard on the lips, pushing her tongue into her mouth. She ran her hands down to Jazmin’s breasts and squeezed them hard, then let one of her hands trail down Jazmin’s back to squeeze on her ass cheek as well.

Jazmin did the Samanthae in return, but after she squeezed Samantha’s ass, she moved her hand to the front of Samantha’s body and slid a finger into the girl’s wet snatch. She broke the kiss as she brought her finger up to her mouth and licked Samantha’s juices off of it.

“Mmmmmm, baby, you need to taste her, she is as sweet as me. Yum, I get to have my own dessert today.” Jazmin said to Steve. Just then noticing that he was filming their make out session in the middle of the kitchen. “You going to play cameraman all day? Or are you gonna play with us?” She said as she turned around to face Steve. Samantha continued to kiss on the back of Jazmin’s neck, grasping her breast from behind.

“Oh I plan on playing with you both. I just want to watch you two for a while though. It’s so fucking sexy. Two hot, big breasted women at my disposal. Now all we need is a red head and I would have a sexy Neapolitan. Every flavor represented.” He moved around the women as Samantha was fondling Jazmin.

Samantha moved her hands down to Jazmin’s pussy, just as Steve got back to the front of her, and pulled her pussy lips apart so that he could get a good view of Jazmin’s clit and vagina. Samantha then drove 2 fingers deep into Jazmin’s dripping wet hole, as she bit down hard on her neck.

Jazmin let out a loud moan feeling the teeth dig into the nape of her neck. She pressed back into Samantha reaching behind her and grabbed both cheeks of Samantha’s ass and pulled her closer to her. Steve zoomed into Samantha’s ass as Jazmin pulled the cheeks apart, getting a good look at the seemingly virgin rosebud, as his finance dug her nails into the supple cheeks of her ass.

Steve zoomed out and paused the camera so that he could say, “Ladies, why don’t we go upstairs so you both can be more comfortable and I can get into the action?”

Jazmin grunted her agreement pulling Samantha along up the stairs. “I want to eat this young pussy anyway.”

Steve followed the two bubble asses as they jiggled up the stairs. When they got to the bedroom the two collapsed on the bed kissing. Steve then set up the camera to focus on the bed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed so he could get comfortable. He pushed down his boxers and let out his cock from their confines.

Jazmin was already working her way down the beautiful body under her. She squeezed Samantha’s breasts hard and sucked one and then the other nipple into her mouth. She then kissed her way down Samantha’s stomach to the cute furry patch above her pussy. With Samantha’s legs open wide for her, she took a finger and slid it along Samantha’s slit, and slid it into her pussy. She had never felt inside another woman before, and it felt amazingly hot, moist, and extremely tight. She then leaned down and stuck out her tongue. She licked from where finger was sliding in and out of Samantha’s tight hole up to the top of her slit to Samantha’s clit that was protruding out from the puffy lips of her pussy.

Steve started to rub his engorged penis, while watching Jazmin lick at the young woman’s clit. Samantha pulled her knees up so that Jazmin could reach her dripping wet hole better. Steve loved seeing his fiancé’s face buried in between another woman’s legs. He gripped his cock as he slid his hand up and down the shaft.

Samantha was gripping the sheets when she looked over and saw that Steve was stroking his cock to the action on the bed. Samantha couldn’t help her self from motioning for Steve to join them on the bed.

He didn’t need to be asked twice, he walked over to the bed and climbed up so that his cock was inches from Samantha’s face. He felt the small hand wrap around his cock and pull him closer. When he scooted closer to the two women lost in passion, he was greeted with a hot warm mouth that wrapped around his cock. He felt her tongue slide back and forth on the under side of the head, and work its way down the shaft all the way into her mouth. He squeezed and pulled at the nipple closest to him as Samantha started sucking him in and out of her mouth.

Jazmin looked up and saw that Steve was now on the bed and had his cock in the delicious young woman’s mouth and smiled to herself. She doubled her efforts on the other woman, lapping up the juices and fingering the treat of a pussy in front of her. She moved her mouth down to Samantha’s ass, moving her tongue around the outside of the cute rosebud, then pressed into it trying to get the little passage to open up for her. She realized why Steve liked to lick at her own ass so much, the musky scent, and the challenge of opening it up nice and easy was definitely fun for her. He tongue wasn’t stiff enough though, and the sphincter would not let her gain passage. She made the best of it and got the little puckered hole lubed up with her saliva. She then placed a finger up against Samantha’s anus to push lightly into her so that it wouldn’t shock the young woman too much. But just then, Samantha pressed down against Jazmin’s finger and it slid in fast and easy. Samantha let out a low guttural moan at having her ass penetrated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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