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True Story One: “Melissa”

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This may be unorthodox for an erotic story, but I thought that a short background might improve the story a bit. I’ll try to keep it short.

Being that I’ve been divorced for over a year and a half, and have had numerous girlfriends since then, I thought it would be fun to document some of my past experiences. I’m starting off with a girl I messed around with about a year ago, and will eventually re-visit some of the things I did in my teens, in detail… those were good years, but so are these. Anyway, enjoy! I’ll shut up now 😉

We had been waiting for some time alone for weeks. We had sex once before at my house.

The first time it happened, she was over and I had told her that she could go and sleep in my room, then went in later to check on her. When I did, she rolled over and grabbed my by the wrist, pulled me to her, and kissed me. I laid down next to her and she immediately put her hand down my pants and grabbed my dick, which made me nuts. I knew right away that she was going to be very fun.

This time, we would have my house to ourselves for about 30 minutes before having to go and give her mom a ride. Once we got to the house, we tore each others clothes off as we made our way to the bed, grabbing each other between the legs as much as we could. We were finally naked. We stood face to face and she rubbed her wet clit against my dick… we slowly made our way to the edge of the bed like that, until she finally climbed onto it, got on all fours, and put her tight little butt out into the air in front of me, inviting me to play with it. She was a skinny girl with firm, full-B-sized breasts, and a firm ass to go with them. I knew that she wanted it, and that she loved to experiment, so I instinctively wet two of my fingers on my right hand as much as possible… putting my index finger up against her anus, I rubbed around it gently at first. She swayed her butt back and forth at me and moaned a little in anticipation of what we both wanted london escorts to do next. I couldn’t wait any longer, and pushed a single finger inside her tight butthole as far as it would go.

She moaned louder, and started moving her ass back and forth on my finger. I used it to feel around inside of her, and could see her looking back at me with a smile. I pulled the finger out, then spread her cheeks apart and started licking her from behind while watching the look on her face. She closed her eyes in ecstasy. I pushed my tongue in as far as it would go, pulling out and occasionally running it from her clit all of the way back up to her butthole before pushing it in again. This lasted a minute at most, and there was juice running down her inner thighs by now. I rubbed some of it onto my fingers again, and put two of them up to her anus, then shoved them in. She let out another moan of pleasure and smiled as I forced my fingers as far as I could get them up her butt. I used my other hand to finger her pussy, while forcing two fingers in and out of her asshole, harder and faster as I went. I could feel deep inside her butt, and would stop with my two fingers all the way in to move them around, slowly stretching her anus out.

“I want YOU in me now.”

“I want you to fill my pussy with cum. I love feeling it in me.”

I pulled my fingers out of her two holes and she got on her back. I pulled out a vibrator that she had brought and put it on her clit, then put my dick up to her pussy hole and pushed hard, shoving it all of the way in and then holding it there while we embraced in a long kiss, playing with each others’ tongues. I began fucking her hard and deep, while arching my back so that I could suck hard on her firm little tits at the same time.

She was moaning wildly, as was I.

I reached down and put my hand around hers, which was tightly gripping the vibrator which was pleasuring her clit. She handed it to me, and I put moved it further down, Escort Girl Dubai positioning it up against her vagina where I was still thrusting in and out. I stopped for a moment as I slowly tried to push it into her hole as well, to see if both would fit at once. No good. I moved it around underneath my dick and tried again from there while we resumed fucking each other. Her pussy was too tight and wouldn’t take it. In the process, the vibrator slipped down to her anus, and feeling this, I slowly pushed until it started to inch up her well-lubed butt.

She gasped at first, then looked me in the eyes and smiled. I pushed my dick as far into her pussy as it would go, then shoved the vibrator in deeper and deeper. It hummed away, and I could feel it from deep inside her vagina. She groaned hard and squeezed my ass as I pushed it into her little butt as far as it would go, then left it there.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum so hard! I want you to cum in my pussy now please… please! Fill me up!”

“Oh God, that vibrator is so far up your ass… I’m gonna cum in you hard!”

As we both got very, very close to climaxing, I reached back down and grabbed the sex toy that was now lodged about 8 inches up her ass and vibrating rapidly, pulling it halfway out and shoving it all the way in again… over and over. She and I were breathing hard, and she let out a scream as I started to shoot a heavy load of sperm as deep in her pussy as I could… pushing the vibrator as far up her tight little anus as deep it would go. After what felt like a full minute of orgasm, we both stopped and caught our breath, looked at each other and let out a little laugh. She reached behind her and we both put our hands on the toy, still all of the way in her butt, and pulled it our very slowly as she dropped her jaw at the feeling of it sliding back through her asshole one last time.

“Fuck. That was really good. I see you’re still kinda hard?”

“Hehe, seems so.”

“Uhm, wanna try something independent escort dubai else?”

“You want to feel what it’s like to have, uhm, cum in your butt?”

“Mmmhmm… hehe. Do you wan…”

“So badly, fuck…”

She pulled herself off of me and a stream of fluid leaked out of her vagina. Still on her back, she grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs as far back as she could. She was still holding the vibrator that was just pulled out of her rectum… “Hold on a sec…” she reached to the nightstand for some tissue to wipe it off quickly, then quickly put it inside her pussy and turned it on. “Okay, oh God… yes now… fuck me pleasssee!”

I scooted up to her and put the tip of my penis up to her asshole. It was still slick with all of the juices that were inside her pussy, so I pushed a little and then felt it go right in. Her anus gripped my dick tightly, and she yelped in pleasure, smiling at me again. “Deeper”, she said under her breath. I pushed hard and it went in as far as it would go. “Oh fuck… fuck me! Fuck me!” This time, I could feel the vibrator that was in her pussy from inside her ass. I tried pushing even further, and left it all the way in for a moment as I leaned forward to suck hard on her left breast.

Then, I pulled out most of the way, thrusted all the way in, out again, in again. “ARRGGGGG!” She yelled out. “I’M COMING AGAIN.” I watched her as she writhed around and came all over the toy in between her legs. As she did, I could feel her anus squeezing my dick even harder. Her orgasm seemed to pass, she looked back at me, then down between her legs. “Fuck that’s sexy. Please cum in my butt now, I wanna feel it in my butt.”

“Yeesssss… you want to feel me cum deep in your cute little butt???”

“Oh God yes!”

I started thrusting harder… after only a few seconds I started having an intense orgasm and again pushed my dick as far up her ass as I could, shooting cum deep into her rectum. She gasped and stopped breathing for a moment as she came again. After we both finished, we kissed passionately again, and I sat back. She pulled the toy out of her pussy, then we both looked down between us as I pulled my penis back out of her ass, inch by inch until it popped out.

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