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Samurai and Shrine Maiden

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Note: All characters are above 18 years old, duh.

With the clean weather of the spring, the leaves of the sakura trees gently fell down around the young samurai. Feeling the breeze she striked again at the air, like she would at her enemy. Already after many swings her arms felt heavy, muscles pulsed sorely as she raised them again, just to strike down her wooden sword. Hearing in her memories the voice of the sensei, she breathes in peace and with rhythm. Wanting to become better she once again striked the air before her again, swinging at the invisible target, and this time the pain in her arms answered with its own assault. Not showing any emotion she would raise the sword again if not for the familiar voice.

“You do know that, you need some breaks?”

Looking at the side of the training circle, just next to the gate made of trees, the shrine maiden stood, white top with red pants, matching pink hair with her lazily lying fox ears on the sides. Yae Miko smiled seeing the samurai, raising her smooth hand to her red lips in welcoming motion.

“Oh, it’s you. How long did you spy on me?” Samurai stood tall, her sword lay low as she turned to Yae.

“Enough to know you do need a break.”

“I can’t agree. I just started” at those words Yae laughed, taking a step closer to the samurai. Her white clothes were in stark difference to all black kimono of the samurai. As she reached a step away from the girl, her thin smooth hand rose and moved the sweaty string of purple hair away from the samurai cheek.

“You are here for around two hours now dear. A young woman like you shouldn’t be alone in a forest, all by herself.”

“Same goes for you.”

“I have you, Ei” shrine maiden turned around and started to walk away between the trees. Ei with her wooden sword and pain in arms followed her, knowing she would not win that round. Training can wait but the mischievous fox Yae is, wouldn’t ever wait when her plan was already in motion, If not now, Ei would hear quickly again from the girl, trying to find another little exploit to make her abandon the training and join her in any activity she would choose for them too.

Walking under the roof of the crowns of pink leaves, they slowly walk to the shrine building a little away from the training grounds. Wind chime the sounds of peace around them, as the falling leaves cover them almost like it wanted to protect them.

Without a miss Ei stopped as she heard little shuffling on their right, quickly wrapping her fingers around the sword hilt. There in the green forest greenery a small like a ball creature rolled closer, it white eyes quickly thinner down as it saw the girls. It jumped up and with it similar to a leaf of a fern, crown on the top of its head, started to spin it as it flew closer. Ei waited patiently as the creature approached, only when she could feel the air being manipulated around her by the creature, close enough so she could clearly see little being angry eyes, she swung the wooden sword across before her.

The green ball flew away and struck the tree hard, enough to rain the pink shower of fragile flowers down. Yae with no fear, more of a curious look on her smug face, joined Ei as they approached the creature. The pink haired shrine maiden grabbed her hogei and slapped the little creature with it.

“How dare you mister! This is a sacred place, how dare you attack this lady, that is our quest!” Yae put her hand on her hips, like scolding a kid after he did something wrong.

“Wait. You know it?” Ei asked, relaxing her grip on the sword.

“Of course. After all, I’m the one that takes care of those woods. This little fella is an elemental being that is really rude!”

The little creature jumps in place like a balloon filled with water, looking up at the two girls. First at Yae with round eyes, then at Ei with his eyes getting thinner, confused. Then its little crown of fern leaves started spinning before its eyes rounded up and it started to quickly run, or rather jump away. Ei stood confused as well, just to hear the laugh of Yae.

“This little ball confused you with a trespasser. Poor thing didn’t seen me first~.”

“Oh. Well it attacked me first.” Ei turned her face away from Yae’s deep stare and her very familiar smug smile.

“Hehe, don’t worry, I knew it would do nothing to you miss samurai~ Those little beings mostly scaring the people, they don’t hurt them.”

“Wait, you mean you knew it was here and didn’t tell me?” Ei returned her eyes to Yae’s deep pink gaze, only to blush at her next words.

“I do like to see you in action Ei~”

Fox Maiden turned to return to the path, Ei closely behind her still blushing.

The short journey down the mountain was uneventful as the weather still calmly caressed nature all around the two girls with its gentle breeze. Step by step they walked on stepping stones pathing their way down, circling around the obstacles like trees and bushes. The whole path was barely recognizable in some places, escort london patches of deeply green grass reclaiming the ground from the stone. Ei thought about the words of the high priestess, telling her that she will always be welcome in those parts, even though the Shrine has not acclaimed any samurai for many years now. After the end of the civil war the region of northern mountains were free of conflict and even the great fort standing proudly at the highest peak, stood empty. Now she couldn’t see it as the pink leaves covered the sky with its own beauty.

Arriving at the torii gate, they entered the backside of the shrine grounds. Yae turned around and winked at Ei.

“I will quickly talk to someone and will attend to you, please wait for me at your room.”

“Understood.” Ei answered, looking at the now walking away fox, stepping with ease on the high step of the wooden floor of the building. Her eyes concentrated at her soft frame, tightly wrapped in the maiden outfit and her fluffy pink fox tail that was now lazily waving around as she walked. Ei felt her cheeks getting warm again and with that she snapped from the fox charm and stepped on the wooden floor of the shrine building. Her wooden sandals made a loud clicking sound with every step as she walked past rows of shoji walls on her left, still appreciating the beauty of sakura on her right. At this side of the place there were no walls, instead nature stood guard from any foe, tightly almost hugging the building in few places.

She finally arrived at the last room and slid the shoji door walking inside, closing it behind her. Her room was much bigger than she wanted to have, even though she had requested the smaller one. Only one wall of the room was made of solid dark wood. Other three walls were made of paper and thin wood keeping it in position. The shadows of the trees outside painted the wavy and very detailed, always slightly moving painting on those see through walls. In the very middle of the room laid the tightly made futon. She took her sandals off and kneel down on the mat near the wooden wall, just before the small and low desk. On this desk there stood the made of metal black display presenting her family heirloom katana. Purple sheet with flowery pattern painted in gold hid the silver as the moon blade, the handle made of the back leather with its gold guard. Displayed just under the sword was tanto as well, in size almost a dagger with the same design. Ei smiled seeing it and gently put her wooden sword on the desk.

With a moment of quiet, the only thing she heard was the very faint rustling of the leaves, as well as the melody of the charms from the outside. It was on her left, in the very corner of the room, outside. Sore feeling in her arms reminded itself as the tiredness enveloped her muscles, now that she finally rested down. Then another sound, of wooden sandals clicking on the wooden floor. Then the same door opened as Yae walked in.

“Already meditating? Thinking about me perhaps?” She slowly said as she walked closer and kneel behind Ei. Before the samurai could even react or ask about it, Yae’s soft hands rested on her shoulders, fingers digging with mild force into her muscles, moving around to her surprise.

“I can tell from how you are sitting and how you are walking, that you, my dear, need rest. You are overworking yourself.”

“That is not entirely true. I’m just-” She couldn’t finish when the maiden fingers moved lower to her arms, tightly holding them she started to move from her elbows upwards, making Ei arms to move up as her muscles were massaged. Her lips opened with a quiet moan of pleasure, that made her burn with embarrassment, to Yae enjoyment.

“No excuses now. You don’t need to fight imaginary monsters to make me amazed, you know?”

“It’s not that! I’m just trying to be better.”

“You already are the best to me.”

Ei could swore she felt the smug smile of the fox behind her, that now took care of her arms, reaching her hands. When she did, Yae leaned against Ei, her soft breast pressing against Ei’s back, trying to keep her tall pasture. Yae lips whispered to the samurai ear as she rested her chin on the girl’s shoulder.

“You spend too much time alone there. Without me.”

The feeling between the girls was always mutual even though Ei had problems with showing it. Part of it was her training, wanting to be better and being stronger, to protect Yae. But part of her liked the solitude of the lonely training, helping her to escape emotions and social situations she often was afraid of. With her close friend so close to her, she came up with an idea. Tightly squeezing Yae hand, Ei let her know she wanted to stand up but the fox didn’t budge.

“What did I just say?” she lazily said, still whispering.

“I want to show you that my training is important” Ei answered with confidence, once again trying to stand, this time actually doing it as Yae stood with her, stepping away. The samurai took her wooden dubai escorts sword from the desk and handed it to Yae, to her surprise the maiden took it without question. Her pink fox ears stood twitched, making Ei burn inside.

“We gonna fight?” Yae asked like a kid just getting a present, excited. The samurai walked behind Yae and as she did before to her, Ei leaned and pressed her body against Yae’s, her arms on the side of Yae arms, their hands together, now holding the sword.

“Now, you can’t fight.” And even that Ei was right, she felt little guilt saying it, knowing that Yae could use magic. But not a sword. “You know how to hold a sword, but do you know how to strike?”

“I know how to make someone yelp, yes” The girl smiled, moving her tail against Ei thighs and the lover part of her torso.

“Much funny. I mean for real, to strike down the sword. Like a true warrior.”

“Show me then Miss teacher.”

Ei led Yae arms upwards, raising the sword into the air, just to quickly and firmly strike down. She did it again with the cooperation from her new student.

“Good job.”

“I have the greatest teacher. But I will say, everyone could do that.”

“Maybe. But to train is to get better. If you compare the skill of just pulling down the sword of a peasant, to the power of the swing of the samurai, you could see the difference of years of training.” Ei said proudly.

“Not only that, you need to stand properly as you do it, feel your body. Control your breath.”

“I could totally defeat a samurai” Yae answered with her own proud tone of voice, almost like creating a bet. Ei knew what that meant and she decided this time she will accept it and show her dear fox what samurai can do.

“Ok. As you wish, miss maiden.’ She said, taking a step away, returning to her desk to open the shelf, taking another wooden sword from it. Yae walked to the side of the room, to not get the futon in the middle of her little duel. Her smug smile matched her pink eyes, now deeply looking into Ei’s purple eyes. Yae got serious, holding her sword with two hands just like Ei were just doing. Samurai knew it was a part of her scheme, that she needed to be ready for everything from her mischievous friend.

They stood in place, not moving, just looking at them selfs. Only then Yae dashed at Ei, her sword rising into the air before striking down. Ei calmly put her sword sideways before her, blocking the strike with the loud sound of wood bashing wood, before pushing the sword away, striking from her left side at Yae but the agile fox jumped back. Using the moment Ei took a step close to Yae and using her momentum to attack from the upside, her sword swung down at Yae that blocked it, in the same manner as Ei just seconds ago. But then Yae did something Ei did not expect. As she took a step away from the maiden, Ei felt tingling feeling at her right foot, just to see Yae snap her fingers, feeling the electricity sting her, making her loose balance just for the second, but a second too long as Yae dashed into her and using her body, they both fallen down onto the tatami mats.

“Cheating!” Ei snapped at the laughing fox, now resting her smug smile between samurai round breasts, almost hiding her whole face in them.

“No cheating, just better planning~.” Yae answered proudly as her arms wrapped around Ei’s waist, snuggling into her defeated opponent. Her warm and soft hug snuffled the anger in Ei, her muscles relaxed as she felt the tiredness washing over her.

“I won. Just a normal shrine maiden defeated the great samurai~.” Yae moved her face up to see her friend, not controlling her fluffy pink tail as it started to wave around.

The moment the fox girl leaned up for Ei’s face, the samurai held her closer to her. Their lips met in a soft and silent kiss. Warmth of Ei’s face made Yae shiver with her ears twitching in excitement. The same feeling burned in Ei, as she moved her hands across Yae’s back, pulling her closer into her, trying to keep her all to herself. They kissed again, softly as before, tasting each other’s lips in quiet mutual understanding.

Ei gave up and lay down on the mats, Yae on top of her still connected in kisses as they continued. Ei felt the weight of Yae’s agile body on top of herself and the only thing she could think about was the fact how much she enjoyed the company of the girl, but she didn’t want to let her lover win in the end. Maybe she lost in the duel, by the hand of a trickster magic, but now she had her own secret to use.

The moment they parted the kiss, and Ei’s purple eyes could gaze into Yae’s, the samurai girl grabbed her lover’s arms and moved to the side, making Yae lay down. Ei quickly positioned herself on top of her dear Yae. To her surprise, Yae bit her lips, almost expecting something like this, and if not, for sure she could feel the lust emanating from the shrine maiden below her.

Yae’s white shirt was no longer as tightly wrapped around the girl as before, the left Escort Dubai side of her torso was almost exposed as the shirt moved in their little wrestling on the floor, but Ei could see the contour of Yae’s round breast underneath. Feeling the blushing of her cheeks she leaned down and kissed Yae’s smooth neck, her lips gently pressing against the fox girl skin. Ei heard the moan and with that she continued, planting soft kisses in her way down, after a few more kisses on the shrine maiden’s now exposed skin, she moved her shirt away, exposing her pale breast.

Yae’s hand rested on Ei’s head, caressing her straight purple hair, with no words spoken she made sure the girl understood that they both wanted it. For Ei it was a signal, the signal to lean down and kiss Yae’s breast. Samurai lips touched and closed around soft like a marshmallow nipple of her fox girl lover, with only one longer kiss the nipple became hard, making the kisses and caressing of it much easier for Ei. Yae raised her free hand to her face, gently biting her middle finger, trying not to moan. But her trying was proven to be futile when Ei bit her lover’s nipple, not hard enough to hurt her, but hard enough to get the response she wanted.

Yae’s lips parted as she moaned into the room, with her other hand still holding Ei, she couldn’t bring herself to pull her away. Samurai knew it and she was ready to continue with her battle plan, her lips tightly kissing Yae’s erect nipple for the last time before she moved to the girl’s other breast. Quickly pushing the shirt out of her way, she leaned down and immediately bitten the already hard pink nipple that waited for her.

“Please! Oh goodness” Yae finally spoke, but her words were replaced by moans when Ei used her tongue to please her. Ei quickly moved her tongue around Yae’s nipple, just to bite it again, softly but firmly, only to start it again. After a few more attempts of speaking, Ei stopped and pulled herself up, looking at her panting lover.

“What? Is this maiden too weak for this samurai in the end?”

“I’m just really surprised this samurai can be so gentle and yet so…bity.”

Ei smiled widely but she wasn’t finished. Yae knew that, her arms rose as her hands slid across Ei’s displaced shirt, helping it to fall down, exposing the samurai naked torso. It was firm in touch with Ei’s breast almost as big as Yae’s, her hands felt the sore muscles of the samurai, the warmth pulsating from it made her much warmer in her own body, feeling butterflies in her stomach. Before she could continue or even to grab Ei’s breast, Ei had a different idea. She laid down on Yae, their breast meeting directly as they squeezed against each other, which made Yae moan in pleasure, quickly silenced by Ei’s kiss.

“Got you now” the samurai whispered, making the shrine maiden shiver.

Ei’s hand traveled down just to slide under the Yae’s pants, finding her way to her fox girl lover special place, her rougher than Yae’s skin continued making the shrine maiden shiver in pleasure. Her point finger finally arrived at Yae’s pubic area. Yae smiled and closed her eyes as she felt a pleasurable yet tickling feeling when Ei’s fingers caressed against her pubic hair, but she moaned with pure lust when she felt the same finger touching her moist clit. Yae then felt something she did not expect, Ei’s gentle bite at her left fox ear. She twitches as the mixture of fear and pleasure washed over her, the samurai finding a weak point of hers and now so tightly snuggled into her, she felt relaxed. Fear disappears and in its place the lust appeared, only for pleasure when Ei kissed Yae’s fluffy ear again.

Ei knew that she had Yae in a tight spot, she knew her plan worked. Now to fulfill it she gently moved her finger against the fox girl clit. After a moment of hearing Yae’s moans and feeling her body moving against hers, her finger slid down and reached Yae’s slit, sliding her middle finger inside of her lover. As she expected, shrine maiden moans filled the room, which Ei took as a sign to speed up, her hand moved around as her finger played inside of the shrine maiden sex. She felt proud when she heard that birds outside, on the porch, flew away, spooked by the Yae’s moans that were now filling the room. She knew the victory was close and she knew to keep the pace. But Ei knew also that kissing her lover’s ear was the perfect move, and she wanted to act on it even more.

Keeping up with her hand down below she kissed Yae’s ear much stronger now, her tongue left her mouth as she licked soft fur. Yae couldn’t even protest as she felt the overwhelming pleasure shower across her body, impossibly to control anymore she grabbed Ei and pulled herself into her, tightly as ever as her orgasm exploded inside of her. Pleasure wave by wave washed over her, all energy she had lost in a moment as her body rested on the mat. Ei leaned down and kissed Yae on the lips now, softly and carefully as she removed her wet hand from Yae’s pants.

“Seems like this shrine maiden lost to the samurai.”

Yae did not respond but she got what she wanted. Just like Ei got what she wanted. They both laid down and embraced each other, finding comfort in each other sweat as well as warmth of their bodies.

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