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Nicole’s Sexy Adventures

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It was Monday morning and I knew I blew it. My presentation for the new marketing campaign was not good enough and I knew my boss wouldn’t like it. What’s worse, I knew there was nothing to be done now, as our clients were already in the meeting room and the meeting was about to begin. This was too much for me to handle. I was only twenty-one and had only been working with GameTech for six months, my reluctance to say no had resulted in me being given tasks that only mangers should do.

Our clients were big-shot business men from Japan. There were five of them, and I knew that the big bossy one wasn’t happy that I had been assigned to lead the project. I could hear the translator mumble to my boss something about me being too young and a woman to boot… Today was my chance to prove myself and I knew I had failed.

I was nervous throughout the presentation and when it was over, I looked up hesitantly first at my boss, then at the client. The Japanese boss guy said something to the translator. He was asking for me to go outside while he had a word with my boss. My boss and four other guys from our company were in the meeting room. I was the only one asked to go outside. My boss nodded to me, saying I should do as asked. So I left and waited outside the room.

Ten minutes later my boss stepped outside. ‘Nicole, you know you really fucked up in there,’ he said, ‘but you have a chance to save the deal. It’s a very important deal for our company, and now’s your chance to show us how much you’re willing to give.’

‘I’ll do anything to save the deal, you know that,’ I said, eager to please and do anything I can to make up for the lousy presentation.

‘Do you know what Bukkake is?’ my boss asked. ‘It’s what you’ll have to go through to please our client.’

‘No, never heard of that,’ I replied with a puzzled look.

‘It’s a form of a group erotic act,’ said my boss. ‘Don’t worry, you won’t have to have actual sex with any of the men in there,’ he added as he saw my concern. ‘But you will have to be totally naked and guys will be naked next to you, masturbating, ummm, around you.’

I was shocked and he could see it on my face.

‘Don’t worry,’ he added cebeci escort hastily. ‘You will only have to do this thing for the company once, and no one will ever know – I promise.’ He then added, ‘It’s either that, or you’ll be losing your job here. Client insists. He wants to see full commitment on your part.’

A few minutes later I was back in the meeting room. Tables had been moved aside and I was told to get to the middle of the room and get my clothes off. I couldn’t believe I was going to get totally naked in front of five men I work with, as well as five other men I hardly know. But I was going to show my commitment. So off came my blouse and tight-fitting skirt, then stockings, bra and thong. I was stark naked and closed my eyes, feeling the men all around me looking at me hungrily.

The Japanese boss said something and the translator told me I needed to get on my knees and put my hands behind my back. I did as I was told. Then the big boss came over to me. He put his hand under my chin and pulled my face up. Had a long look into my eyes, and then smiled. I think he was satisfied with what he saw in there. He nodded to his fellow businessmen and, as they all approached me, all five of them began to unzip their trousers. One by one they pulled out semi-erect cocks and began to masturbate all around me. The Japanese boss waved a hand at my boss and co-workers. It didn’t take them long to join in and I was soon encircled by ten men who were standing around me and jerking off, viewing my completely exposed body. It was very strange and also very erotic in a way.

I usually wasn’t shy and often opted to wear tight fitting clothes so tease my male co-workers. I’m no supermodel but they seemed to appreciate it. If I had to choose one word to describe me it would be “cutesy”. I’m a cutesy brunette with dark brown eyes, an ample chest that often rewarded me with longing looks and an arse that looked fantastic in jeans and right now it was all on show.

My dark nipples stood erect and it then occurred to me that the room was significantly colder than it had been before, most probably for that exact purpose. With that thought in mind, I instinctively çukurambar escort pushed out my chest and I saw the eyes of one of my co-workers predictably fall to my tits, his tiny eyes alive with excitement.

I wasn’t quite sure what I had to do. Did I have to try and make myself alluring? I had watched a few pornos with my ex and he had always insisted that I let him cum on my face at least once. I had never caved but this was a completely different situation entirely. Did they want me to start repeating the sort of things the blonde bimbo had said? Or did they want me to be silent? Did they want some kind of innocent girl?

I’m not innocent, by the way. Despite never letting my ex-boyfriend cum on my face I wasn’t a prude. I liked to be slapped, spanked, tied up and face-fucked. I’d happily accommodate almost any fantasy. I’d dress up in a schoolgirl’s outfit. I’d dress up as a slutty nurse. I’d even dress up as Slave Leia. I just never fancied cleaning cum off my face or washing it out of my hair.

‘Should I say something?’ I asked nervously.

The Japanese Boss said something rather irritably and the translator quickly replied.

‘Silent at all times,’ he answered. ‘Right now you are merely an object for our desires.’

I wasn’t sure I liked being called an object or not. On one hand it was incredibly demeaning but on the other hand…I kind of liked that. I’m not sure why but the idea that they all saw me as their temporary property to use as they wanted was kind of a turn on. I licked my lips absent-mindedly, the anticipation of their release surprisingly making me wet and I shifted ever so slightly to try and take advantage of it.

If it weren’t for the fact I had to keep my hands behind my back I’d mostly probably would have gone to start masturbating myself, reaching out slowly at first just to see if I was permitted and, if I was, I would have spread my legs apart not only for my benefit, but for theirs.

In fact I decided to spread my legs anyway so they could just about see my glistening wet folds just barely hidden by my dark pubic curls. I looked at each of them pointedly, giving them my best doe-eyed-come-hither demetevler escort gaze (yes it’s an actual thing).

I wasn’t ready for what came next however. One of the Japanese men was breathing heavy now, his hand rubbing against his tiny erect cock urgently and I could tell he was about to cum. He got near me and suddenly hit my cheek with a hot jet of sticky cum. The second jet hit my nose and got in my eyes. I gasped in surprise and instinctively drew my hands to my face but one of the Japanese guys stopped my hands and forced them behind my back again.

‘You keep your hands behind your back the whole time!’ said the translator sternly.

I looked at my boss and he nodded, making sure I got the message that I will have to go through with this humiliation to the very end if I want to keep my job.

The second to cum was one of my co-workers, Jeff. I could see him hesitate for just a second before he stepped forward, aiming at my mouth, and sprayed hot cum onto my chin and neck. One of the Japanese men said something, and the translator said, ‘You must open your mouth wide at all times – we will decide where the Bukkake goes!’

I did as I was told and sure enough the third to come was that very Japanese man who complained about my shut mouth. He came very close, the tip of his cock touching my lower lip as he came inside my mouth. He then held my nose shut with his fingers, making me swallow most of his cum. I knew better than to try and resist and took it all in.

One by one, the men all came over me. My face was the main object and several came in my mouth. Others filled my eyes and ears with dripping hot cum. I was amazed at the amount of cum some of these guys had… and it was all on me now. The cum was dripping all down my neck, on my bare breasts, and even some had been splattered over my thighs, slowly congealing on my naked body.

Several the men surprisingly came on me twice, I don’t even remember how many. Their second ejaculations weren’t as thick as their first but I was so drenched in cum that it didn’t matter anymore…

When they had all been satisfied the Japanese boss said something, and the translator said he was pleased and would continue working with our company. They made me stay in my place, naked and covered with cum while they drank some wine and signed the papers. I was told to stay there until they were all done and only when the meeting room was empty was I allowed to get up and leave too.

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