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Naughty Peeing at University Ch. 04

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My heart was hammering in my chest as I was led away from the Kitty Litter to a place unknown. I did my utmost to keep track of my progress as we left behind the warmth of the morning sun and into the coolness of the University interior. I could hear the sound of other people nearby as I was led along, the fact that nobody commented on my condition (with a bag over my head) implied the belief that my ‘initiation’ was something that came to everyone.

Certainly, Wendy (aka Mrs Murdoch) had made no attempt to intervene. Possibly, I mused, she had been instrumental in the affair, having led me to the Kitty Litter not so much as to relieve her hot clear pee over the ground, but rather to place me in a position to be kidnapped. I recalled the sight of her flowing pussy fountain as she had urinated across the way from me. Regardless of what was to occur in the very near future, I had already decided that having the chance to watch Wendy take a piss in front of me, was to be more than worth it.

Eventually, we came to a stop and I was made to lie down face upwards on a padded surface that was most comfortable. Gentle hands then started to undress me whilst a soft voice lined with an undertone of merriment whispered into my ear.

‘You’ve been very good so far, Lesley. If you continue to play along then you might, just might be able to join our exclusive little club. We’ve not yet given it a name but the last group have just used the letter ‘O’ so I guess that we will have to be the ‘P’ group.’ This comment resulted in a lot of sniggering from those around me, possibly three of four of them judging by the positions of their voices.

‘Now Lesly, during your initiation you must only speak when asked a question and you must tell the truth. If we suspect that you are lying then there will be a forfeit. beşevler escort Do you understand?’

‘Yes’, I gasped. Rather than being frightened I was horny as hell, my nipples hard on my exposed tits. My nudity was on full display and I hoped that my captors would be impressed by my body.

‘One last thing Lesley, we need a safe word or phrase from you so if at any time, you want to stop, you can just let us know and you will be free to go. You just won’t get to be part of our club and trust me, Lesley,’ the voice became especially husky as a soft hand caressed my bare left boob, fingers tracing around my hardened nipple. ‘You really, really want to be part of our club!’

‘Think of your safe phrase,’ instructed another soft female voice in my other ear. A second hand gently fondled my right tit before lifting away.

My mind raced, and I said the first thing that popped into my head. ‘Knotted knickers!’

A new burst of giggles burst out around me.

‘Very well, even though you are not wearing any,’ purred a third voice from slightly further away than those who had just caressed my breasts.

‘Time for your first question,’ said a fourth voice whose accent was most pronounced. I would have no problem recognising this girl again!

‘Are you a virgin?’

I paused, wondering if I should lie. ‘No,’ I answered, the sound of my voice muffled by the material around my head.

‘How many boys have you fucked?’

‘Two,’ I answered.

‘And how many girls?’

There was a long pause. I really wanted to lie and impress my captors but I knew that my lack of experience in such matters would not stand up to scrutiny.

‘None,’ I said.

There was a shared, sharp hiss of disapproval from those around me.

‘Then technically you büyükesat escort are still a virgin,’ stated the one girl.

‘Would you like to fuck a girl?’ another asked.

Oh yes, I would, starting with Sandra, my room buddy, and then everyone in this room because I bet you are all fucking gorgeous! I had yet to see an unattractive girl during my brief time at my new university home and plus, I was dying for somebody to touch my bare breasts again. It had been such a thrill!

‘Yes,’ I managed to whisper hoarsely. Would one of them take the challenge?

A set of warm fingers moved to the edge of the cover that had been placed around my head. Slowly it was drawn up, but only as far as my nose. A moment passed whilst the beating thud of my racing heart seemed to fill the room. I could still see nothing but I could sense those around me. I was completely naked and utterly at their mercy as they administrated tender pleasures or harsh reprisals if my need for a safe word was anything to go by.

It was then that a soft set of lips found my own, pushing down with gentle yet firm pressure. I swooned in response, giving an answer to that most erotic of actions.

My first lesbian kiss lasted a lifetime in my mind (and in my memory forever afterwards) but in reality barely a second or so slipped by before my mysterious kisser moved away. My raging hormones called out to her, desperately wanting a repeat of that most glorious act but I had no reason to be concerned.

A new set of lips found mine, fuller and impossibly more luscious than the first. I focused every facet of my being into trying to capture the essence of that moment and to store it forevermore as a most treasured memory.

A new round of giggling occurred as my second kisser drew away. I sensed çankaya escort a new presence moving up closer. I was so wet between my legs it was a wonder that nobody had commented on the fact, or was this the reason for their merriment?

A third kiss. God, I was so fucking horny, right now!

Whoever this third girl was, she was obviously far more experience than her companions. Her lips were full and delicious, her tongue seeking out my mine. I replied in kind desperately wishing that my hands were not bound. I wanted to touch her body, to feel the roundness of her bosom, the heat of her skin against mine. I wanted, no rather that I needed, to lick her pussy and to slide my tongue along the groove of her wet desire!

‘Not bad at all, Lesley,’ whispered kisser number three as she withdrew. I wanted to call her back but at the same time wanted to sample the delights of the next girl. I did not have long to wait.

Strands of hair fell against my bare tits as my latest provocateur moved closer to place her lips against mine. She did not share her tongue but instead playfully teased my lower lips with her teeth as she withdrew.

Moments passed. I could hear my capturers moving together and talking in hushed tones that I could not understand. It was at this stage that I realized that I had not fully emptied my bladder at the Kitty Litter and the stirrings of my toilet urge were beginning to make itself known. I had no idea how these four lesbians would react if I was to ask to visit the loo in the middle of them having their wicked way with me.

I gave thought to sneaking out a little piss why they were presumably huddled in their group, no doubt discussing what was next on their agenda of initiation. Should I risk having a quick wee?

There was no way of telling where I was or how much evidence would be left behind should I open my pee hole and let loose my hot release. Would they enjoy the show, watching my playing piss fountain as it squirted from my love lips, or would they be disgusted and punish me accordingly?

There was but one way to find out…

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