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Massage and a Cuck

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This is a short story to break up my longer Makati story. Based on real events.

I just love to get massages, in fact I think I’m addicted. I spend well into five figures every year to have a hopefully pretty girl rub her hands over my body. But it’s more than that, I love the chase of finding new girls and new places. Even when I find a near perfect location and girl, I get adhd and want to find something else.

I’ve had it all, from pure legit massages to massive orgies in massage parlors all over the world.

I was in San Antonio for business, seeing a client. The meeting went well, so before I headed back to the hotel for a nap and to catch up on paperwork, I decided to find a place for a massage. This was back in the day before Backpage was shutdown, so I went on the local page and found a few options. But one peaked my interest.

“Four Handed Asian Massage by husband and wife.”

It had a picture of a petite Asian gal and her Asian husband. She was super-hot (if her pictures were real), but what really got my motor running was the opportunity to cuck her husband. He looked like a older Chinese guy.

I sent a few texts inquiring about price, location and the menu. I was told it was $140 for an hour and that the menu was discussed in person only. I put in the general area they gave me into google and found out they were 20 minutes away. I asked if an appointment could be had within the next hour, and they responded with an affirmative and gave me general directions.

I headed off in the rental car and when I arrived at the Target shopping center I texted back with my location. They gave me an address a few blocks away and told me to text when I parked in the carport outside their house.

After I pulled in, my phone dinged and the text was to walk in the door, don’t knock. The neighborhood was a typical 1970’s working class area, most of the yards were well kept, but a few looked like rental houses. This one included. I didn’t feel unsafe and walked right up and through the front door.

Once through the front door I was situated in a semi darkened living room, with older furniture and a big screen TV with CNBC tuned in. The Chinese guy came over wearing scrubs and introduced himself as Joe and said that his wife Sandy was getting the room ready, that I should follow him.

I looked around again making sure there wasn’t anything to be afraid of and followed Joe down the hall to a small bedroom off the left-hand side. Inside was a dresser with a large mirror above it, a small couch and a massage table in the middle of the room. The floor was covered in old carpet that looked like it might be original to the house.

Sandy was lighting candles on the dresser and turned as I entered. She was maybe 5’2″ tall, maybe weighing 100 pounds. She was wearing short jean shorts and a red tank top and 4″ clogs. She had very small breasts and they were apparently not encumbered by a bra, as her nipples were visible through the tank top. She was just like the pictures. She looked 25, but knowing Asians, she was probably mid thirties.

She came over and introduced herself and asked if I would like a shower. I told her that I would take a shower after the massage and she instructed me where I should hang my clothes and that I could lay down facedown. They would return in a few minutes.

I laid the $140 on the dresser and undressed and hung my clothes in the small closet and then laid my naked body face down on the warm massage table.

In a few minutes they returned with a knock on the door and came into the room and dimmed the overhead light. They turned on some generic massage music and then asked what type of massage I liked?

“I like them all, hard to soft. It is up to you to use your technique to draw me back as a customer,” I said.

I could hear them discussing something in Chinese and then I felt warm oil by multiple hands being spread on my legs and back. Softly they began to rub the oil into my skin and then they began to rub harder in the general problem areas of my upper and lower back. I could see through the hole in the massage table at my head that it was Sandy at the top of the bed by my head, working my upper back. I raised my hands from the side of the table to graze her smooth legs working my way to her jean shorts. She giggled and said “You are a bad boy Bob,” as she continued her massage. She didn’t move away as my hands got to her pear shaped ass and I proceeded to give her ass a massage as they proceeded to work on my back.

“So, how did you two get into doing massages together?” I asked as I put one hand on the inside of her shirt to feel the sweat on her lower back.

“We started doing massages when we had to shut down our restaurant, we worked for 10 years to open it, but we lost it a few months ago,” Joe stated as he rubbed my lower back.

I moved my hand up Sandy’s upper back and around to her very small but very pert tits under her shirt. I slowly worked her pencil eraser nipple between my siirt escort fingers with no resistance to her.

“Too bad about the restaurant,” I said as I fingered Sandy’s nipple with my left hand while I squeezed her ass with my right.

Sandy replied “Yes, it was a good place, but we couldn’t afford to keep it open.”

“Yeah, the stock market went down, took our savings with it,” Joe replied and he moved to apply lotion to my legs.

Sandy replied “Joe lost our money in the market, leaving us to do this to save some money again. I want to open a restaurant again, this time maybe in Houston. For the last month, we’ve been doing this.” You could hear a little venom in her voice with that revelation.

I moved my right hand to the front of Sandy’s shorts and popped open the button fly, she immediately stepped back and refastened while lightly slapping my back, “Bad boy, we don’t do that.”

“So what do you do Sandy?” I asked.

Joe replied, “Massage with hand job. Either I can give you the hand job or Sandy, but that is all we do.”

“Do you get many guys wanting hand jobs from you Joe?” I inquired.

“Yes, most of the guys that come here that is what they want. I won’t let Sandy do massages alone because I don’t trust the guys and what they want if I’m not there.”

“So, you don’t do any more than a hand job? Never?” I asked.

Sandy replied as I pinched her nipple harder “Yes, we have done some blow jobs, but that will be extra.”

“How much extra?” I asked.

“$80” said Joe.

“How about $100 and I get to suck your wife’s pussy Joe?”

They talked back and forth in Chinese and then Sandy replied back “$150, and you can eat me, and Joe will suck you.”

“How about $200, and I eat you, you suck me and I fuck you while Joe watches,” I said as I again moved my hand to her button fly, popping it open again.

Sandy didn’t immediately go to button up her shorts and they again began to speak in Chinese. Sandy was mad it seemed and while they talked I unzipped her shorts.

“Can not, sorry. We never do more than blowjob,” Joe stated as he started to massage my upper legs.

I slowly pushed on Sandy’s shorts while rubbing my fingers on her nipple. “Sandy, are you sure that is what you want?”

“Yes. We cannot,” she replied.

“Then how about the $100 and let me lick your pussy?” I said as I rubbed her clit through her cotton panties.

“You will be paying money for no pleasure, I don’t enjoy that Bob,” she stated as she rubbed my shoulders harder.

I decided to let them massage a little longer. Maybe I had moved too fast, let things fall back into their norm and let them get comfortable. I moved my hands to my side and said, “OK, regular massage then.”

The next 20 minutes they massaged my back and the backs of my legs. Then they both started a teasing massage on the inside of my thighs up to graze my balls. I reached out my left hand and brought to the inner thigh of Sandy’s left leg. I moved it up to her crotch and put pressure on her pussy through her jean shorts as she teased my balls.

She softly slapped my butt and told me in a near whisper “Time to turn over Bob.”

I rolled on to my back and my semi hard cock was waving at them. I am only a little over 7″ long, but very thick, larger than a Red Bull can but less than a beer can. It is impressive when hard.

Sandy had a smile on her face when I turned over and she told me “Nice cock,” as she rubbed on the bottom of my shaft. “Would you like Joe to rub it also?”

“What do you want Sandy?” I asked her as I moved my right hand up to her butt again. “Would you like to punish Joe for losing your restaurant?”

She giggled at me and said “Me playing with your cock is punishment, Joe is very jealous,” she said softly as she continued to bring the blood to my hardening cock.

“Tell him you like my cock Sandy,” I said.

“He knows I like it, look at him, he’s hard,” she said nodding towards her older husband.

I glanced over at Joe who was showing a tent in his scrubs. I reached over and untied the front of his scrubs then looking at Sandy said “Tell him to show us his little dick.”

She smiled and said something in Chinese and Joe lowered his scrubs, showing his 4″ thin Chinese dick.

“Does he fuck you with that little dick Sandy?”

“Yes Bob, he does a good job with his dick, it fits me perfect,” she said sexily while stroking my cock.

“Come kiss my cock Sandy and tell your husband to play with his little cock while you kiss mine.”

“Bob, you are bad,” she smiled when she said it, but then told her husband in Chinese a command.

“You like it him playing with his cock Bob? Maybe you want to play with it?” she asked.

I moved my hand back the front of her shorts and for the third time unbuttoned them. “No, Sandy, I want to play with you,” I said as I unzipped her shorts and lowered them to her knees. She was left standing in her white satin panties and sincan escort red tank top. I pushed on the front of her panties and she resisted a little, but then let me drop them to her knees as well. All the time she was slowly stroking my cock.

Her hairy pussy came into view and I pushed her panties and shorts past her knees. She lifted her feet out of her clogs one at a time to step out of them. She took a few seconds to put her clogs back on her feet and that put her at the perfect height to rub on her moist pussy lips. “You have a beautiful pussy Sandy,” I stated as I rubbed her slit, stopping to give her little clit some attention.

“And you have a pretty cock Bob,” she laughed as she went back to slowly stroking my cock.

“Come here and kiss my cock, show your husband how much you like it,” I hissed at her.

She leaned over the table and kissed my dick, then looked at her husband and said something to him I didn’t understand. He turned and left the room and she went back to kissing on the leaking head of my dick while slowly stroking it.

Sandy was so demure, her hand barely made it around my cock. She could use both hands on the length and the head was still visible. I started to slowly push my finger in her very tight canal, bringing about more wetness with every stroke. Her body couldn’t lie to me, she was beginning to enjoy this.

Joe came back with a warm towel that Sandy instructed him to clean my dick. He took it and waved it out to cool it off and then began to clean my member of the massage oil. Once clean, he rubbed his hands over the length while talking to Sandy in Chinese. She spat something mean out in Chinese and he backed away. She then surprised me by taking off her tank top and she stood before me completely naked. She was absolutely stunning in every way.

She then leaned over the table and took the thick head of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue over my head. She was stroking my cock from below as she sucked on the head of my cock, without her able to get much more into her small mouth. By this time I was thrusting two fingers into her very tight twat and she was so wet it was dripping down her inner thighs.

“Yes Sandy, suck my cock. Suck it like the little whore you are. Joe turned you into a whore because he a worthless piece of shit. Suck it, show him what a little whore you turned into,” I moaned as she twisted on my dick while licking on the head. I glanced at Joe who was sitting on the small couch stroking his tiny dick while his wife was sucking my cock.

Sandy pulled off my cock and in an accented voice said “Yes, you have a very nice cock Bob. Cum for me Bob.”

I pulled my fingers from her pussy and reached over and lifted her off the ground. She giggled as I picked her up and laid her on my chest. Her pussy inches away from the tip of my cock. I grabbed her face and tried to kiss her. She turned her head while pushing back and said “No, no kissing.”

I smiled at her and then spun her around, her pussy now on my chest and her face in my cock. She began to lick on my cock, and I pulled her back so I could lick her hairy pussy. She was so small that a 69 wouldn’t work. One or the other.

When my tongue went over her tiny clit, she moaned very loudly. I concentrated on her little bud and she was moaning like a banshee as I licked from her clit to her rosebud. I spent five minutes working over her slit and clit. She never quit moaning or talking in Chinese. When I could tell she was getting close, I stuck my tongue into her ass and she squirted all over my face and chin. She jumped off the massage table and ran out of the room.

I looked over at Joe who had a very surprised expression on his face, and a few seconds later he went after her into the hallway.

I laid there slowly stroking my cock for what seemed like an hour, but in reality, was only about 10 minutes. I could occasionally hear them talking, arguing, and at one point she was screaming. I decided to get up and get dressed. I didn’t want to be there when one of the neighbors called the cops for a domestic.

Once I had my slacks on, Sandy appeared at the door dressed in a white silk robe. She wasn’t wearing her clogs, but a pair of black high heels, they must have been 6″. She had brushed out her hair and was wearing fresh makeup with bright red lipstick, where before she had very little makeup on and her hair was up in a bun.

“Where are you going Bob?” she asked with a slight grin on her face?

“Well, I didn’t want to intrude, you two seemed to have some things to talk about,” I told her as I reached for my shirt.

“Come with me Bob, bring your shirt and shoes,” she said as she handed me a pair of slippers. Asians don’t wear shoes in the house, and always wear some sort of flip flops of slippers.

I put the slippers on and followed her out of the small bedroom, but instead of turning right to the living room, we turned left and across the hall. To the master bedroom.

Sitting sinop escort in a chair in the corner of the room was Joe, still naked from the waist down. The room was larger than the other, and appointed well. Asian themed bedspread and heavy curtains on the windows blocking out the light from outside. Joe came up to me and grabbed my shirt and shoes and went to hang them in their closet. Sandy came over and unbuttoned my slacks and looked me in the eye and said “Take them off.”

I took off my slacks and handed them to Joe and then took off my socks, leaving them on the floor. Joe scurried over and picked up the socks at my feet while Sandy reached over and grabbed my soft cock. “It’s very big, even when it’s soft,” she said.

She looked up at me with her brown eyes and I bent over and kissed her red lipstick painted lips. She put her arms around my neck and pulled me in for a hot French kiss, her trying to put her tongue down my throat while she reached down and fondled my growing cock.

I reached down and untied her robe and pushed it off her shoulders, revealing her black bra and panties she had put on. The bra was one of those that allowed her nipple and top of her breast to be exposed, the panties were see through and crotchless. The black against her very white skin was very sexy.

She pushed me back to the edge of the bed and I sat down on it. She dropped to her knees in front of my pushing my legs apart and looked up at me in the eyes and started to lick my balls. “You have such big balls Bob. You are such a strong man, unlike my husband,” she said as she licked my shaft up to my head of my cock.

“Want to know a secret Bob? He likes to suck cock. We had a black customer yesterday, and he couldn’t wait to suck that black cock,” she hissed as she went back to sucking each of my balls into her mouth.

“I don’t know who likes to suck cock more, him or me? He turned me into a whore so he could suck cocks, Bob. But I’m going to show him what a real whore does.”

She then stood up and straddled my legs, positioning my cock at her pussy. She looked over at her husband and lowered herself on to the tip of my cock. It was too tight, there was no way it would fit. She had all her weight off he legs and only the head would fit in her pussy. She yelled at Joe and he left the room, coming back a few seconds later with the bottle of massage oil She said something else to him in Chinese and he came over and started to apply the oil to my cock under her pussy. She raised off my cock and he poured some oil on the tip of my cock and she lowered herself down again.

She was moaning and talking Chinese as she was able to get about a third of my cock in her pussy on the next try. She then raised up, paused, looked at her husband standing next to us and penetrated her pussy until I bottomed out. She took almost my whole cock in her tiny hole.

She looked at me, then at Joe, then back at me. She had panic on her face and I felt she was going to bolt. I grabbed her, kissed her hard and slowly began to thrust into her. She mauled my face with her tongue as I fucked her.

It was an uncomfortable position, so I stood up, with her still impaled on my cock and turned us around and on to the bed. Her legs wrapped around me and her arms around my neck as I crawled us into her marital bed.

I pulled the heavy comforter down and laid her on the cool sheet, never leaving her pussy.

Once she was on the bed I began to fuck her with some force, opening up that tight pussy. She was cumming now, a constant shower being blasted on my cock and balls as I pounded into her little pussy. Convulsion after convulsion rang over her and her pussy clamped down on my cock like a vise. I couldn’t hold back any longer and blasted my pent-up load into her waiting pussy. It’s been a long time since I’ve cum that much.

I reached down and kissed her softly as she was trying to catch her breath. I glanced over at Joe who was furiously stroking his cock and then back at Sandy. I leaned over and whispered in her ear and she smiled and kissed my cheek.

“Stop jacking off you worthless man. Get up here and clean my pussy,” Sandy said as I rolled off of her.

Joe came up and started licking my cum out of her freshly fucked pussy and I pulled her head down so she could clean my dick while she was getting licked clean.

She completely cleaned my dick and balls and then pushed her husband off of her, grabbed me by the hand and drug me to the master bathroom for a shower. It was strictly for cleaning with an occasional kiss or two, but within five minutes we were toweling off and Joe had brought my clothes to me to get dressed.

I dressed as Sandy put her silk robe back on. She walked me to the front door and asked for my phone. I unlocked it and handed it to her and she punched in a number. “That’s my number, the other one is a burner phone. Call me when you come back to town,” she handed the phone back to me, kissed me on my cheek on opened the door.

I was out the door and off to the hotel for a nap. What a day.

After I arrived at the hotel I sent Sandy a message to let her know I kept her number and laid down to sleep. In two hours I woke up and found a few messages from her in response.

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