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Mares Seeking Stallions: Skylark

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Mares Seeking Stallions


The mare grunted and pressed her muzzle into the straw as her jet-black stud grabbed her tail, pulling her rear higher still as he drove into her with the power of a bucking bronco. The white equine, covered from nose to hoof in black spots, neighed and arched her back, breasts squashed into a deep bed of straw that had been originally intended for her partner’s four-legged equine. That horse stood outside the stable with her head plunged into a bucket of grain, picking through for the choicest morsels while her owner took his pleasure. Skylark’s visits were not infrequent occurrences and, truth be told, he had been expecting her. But Gavin had not been able to wait to take his eager mare for the evening, Skylark flirting and flagging her tail for him on the yard until he’d had no choice but to drag her out of sight and give her every inch she craved.

Skylark closed her eyes, losing sense of where she was as sensation overpowered her mind. Nothing seemed to matter except that that thick rod of stallion meat kept thrusting into her over and again, stretching her out almost beyond her limit.

So big…!

She gave a happy whinny, lips pulling back briefly from her teeth as her sore cunny squeezed around him, her body as eager for more as her mind was. Time with her sakarya escort boyfriend may have been fun, but getting pounded by a pure blooded Shire as randy as she was? That was something else.

She shuddered and howled through her third orgasm of the evening, knowing with a pleasurable shudder there was only more come. He was far from done with her. Skylark panted, tongue lolling out as she tried to suck in much needed breaths that just wouldn’t come as easily as she needed them to.

“Fuck me, Gavin,” she forced out, thighs trembling where his knees forced them apart. “Breed me like your mare!”

He laughed, running his fingers through her mane; the Appaloosa mare pressed into his touch with a low groan, nuzzling adoringly at his fingers.

“Your stallion really not doing it for you, huh, filly?”

Groaning, she shook her head and squealed as the muscled stallion plunged even deeper, the flat head of his cock grinding right up against her cervix.

“You need a nice, studly draft to really fill you up, hm?”

The Appaloosa moaned, pushing her nose beneath her arms, tail flicking.

“Mmmph…” Her nostrils flared, cheeks heated. “Do you have to make me say it every time?”

Gavin grinned and drew her hips towards his stomach, sliding the mare back onto his shaft as easily as he ground into her. Her juices eased his passage, allowing him to stretch her out as deep as he could possibly go, and Skylark groaned, clenching her jaw and exhaling sharply through her flared nostrils.

But he was still. Too still. Skylark’s shoulders rounding, hunching forward as she whinnied. Why was samsun escort he so still? Why didn’t he breed her?

“Please…” She begged, hiking her tail up higher for him, as if that would be enough to persuade him to slam back in deep and keep fucking her. “Don’t stop… I want you, I need you to breed me – cover me!”

Chuckling, Gavin shook his head and slid in slowly, allowing his full length to fill her to the brim as she was subject to the tantalisingly slow fucking. He throbbed and twitched madly inside her as if her tightness wrapped around him was all he needed to feel pleasure. And, truth be told, the stallion would have been quite content to rest deep inside, a fine filly arched up against his chest with a trembling nicker to soothe any trouble from his mind. What better place could a stallion, after all, find himself in?

He shook his mane off his neck, nipping lightly at her crest. But he had a mare to please too – he couldn’t forget that. It certainly was not all about him. Not that night. Nor any other night.

And he wouldn’t have wanted to send her back to her boyfriend unsatisfied now, would he?

Gavin smirked and nibbled down the line of muscle in her neck as she groaned and shivered beneath him, lost to his whim.

“Ask me nicely then.”

Skylark took a shuddering breath.

“You’re making me beg?”

The Shire nuzzled down her neck as she squirmed.

“If you didn’t beg so sweetly, perhaps it wouldn’t be so fun.”

“Fine…” Skylark huffed, the insides of her ears turning a darker shade of pink. “I want you! All right? Please fuck me, make me your mare!”

She ankara sarışın escort hissed through her teeth, trying to grind back at him, yet finding every inch snug inside her already. The stallion chuckled, his stomach vibrating softly against her with mirth.

“Please – it’s all I want! I need to be fucked, good and hard…” Her ears drooped to the sides of her head, eyes taking on a steely glint of determination. “I can’t get it from anyone else but you. So why won’t you get on with it and cover your mare?”

His hot breath washed over her poll. She trembled as he ran a paw down her back, admiring the shape of the muscle defined through her spotted coat.

“And what about your boyfriend? Don’t you think he’d mind you talking this way to a stallion?”

Skylark snorted, eyes rolling back as the stallion dragged his hips away ever so slowly, the lingering anticipation of his thrust building and building as her pussy squeezed around him, trying to keep him inside.

“Fuck my boyfriend! He’ll be there when I get home!” She groaned. “And you’re here now, here to breed me and fill me like he just can’t.”

Fingers tightening around her hips, Gavin’s ears flicked back and he slammed into the mare to a chorus of squeals, hooves twitching as if instinct threatened to make her kick out. But she had no reason to as the Shire drove in with a needy grunt, only to pull back a moment later and repeat the motion. She whinnied shrilly and rocked back into him, letting him use her as he pleased as her pleasure peaked and orgasm drove her to gasps and moans, losing sense of where she was and who was fucking her. But it could only be one that could drive her to such an explosive high and consolidate what she already knew about fucking and breeding and raising her tail for the only one she’d allow to cover her in season.

It was always better to be fucked by a real stud.

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